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Bruce Mitchell

The Gator Man from Swamp People

Bruce Mitchell

Bruce Mitchell is also known as the the Alligator Man from the History Channel's TV show Swamp People.

Bruce is a celebrity, a competitor, a judge, a cookbook author, and he was recently a Q-School instructor!

Cook Book Author

Bruce is famous for hunting alligators during the gator season. Bruce's other "wild adventures" include outdoor BBQ cooking ... and eating. Bruce loves going to Cook-Offs! Sometimes he's a judge and other times he's a competitor. His website is www.BruceTheAlligatorMan.com.

Bruce has authored a cook book - Gator Man's Guide to Southern Cooking, the book has over 20 easy-to-follow recipes.

ANNOUNCEMENT: He will be releasing his second cookbook soon - the Gator Man's Adventures in Outdoor & Dutch Oven Cooking - Catchin ' and Cookin'.

Bruce Mitchell Cookbooks Gator Man Cookbooks

You can purchase (or pre-order) the books on his website.


Q-School Instructor

In the Summer Q-School of 2016, Bruce Mitchell teamed up with two of the Lang BBQ Competition Team to instruct two Q-School classes hosted by Lang BBQ Smokers.