Who's Cooking on a Lang?

From Pitmasters to Celebrities, check out who is BBQing on Lang BBQ Smokers®

This is the Hot Spot to find out Who’s Cooking on a Lang! We believe this is a place for a perfect blend of inspiration, information and some entertainment as well. This is where you’ll find information on everyone from competitive Pitmasters to Celebrities, to Celebrity Chefs, Restaurateurs and Professional/Commercial chefs. You’ll pick up ideas, tips and find some great recipes you can try and alter. You’ll also notice that the most popular Lang BBQ Smoker cookers used for competitions are the 48, 60 and 84 series. Each of these series have smoker cooker models built into mobile trailer frames and can easily be hitched to a truck to get to barbecue competition events.

The celebrity idea was ignited by Zac Brown

What’s more, you’ll find it interesting to see how many of these individuals go about using their Lang BBQ Smokers to the fullest. Commercial BBQ smokers are helping to build rapidly growing and viable business opportunities. By the way, Zac Brown was one of the very first celebrities that contacted Lang to let us know just how much he loves barbequing and smoking on a Lang. At the time he was just planning to open his restaurant, the Southern Ground Social Club, and the crew TV show Rusty's Rockfeast: Backstage with the Zac Brown Band.

Zac Brown Cooking on a Lang

Davis Love Testimonial

Professional golfer Davis Love III and 2-time captain of the Ryder Cup has also shared a testimonial video and we're featuring him on our celebrity page as well.

And here’s a major key point

You will benefit and learn a great deal from people who have been involved in competition. That’s where smoking equipment, ability, passion and recipes are put to the ultimate test. You get to participate vicariously yet still find some advantages for yourself; and ideas and techniques that are actionable and practical in your own barbeque experiences. So take some time to view al the great material that’s been complied for you to take advantage of.

Stone House

Billy Burnet and Lang 108 on Good Morning America

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"Here’s to Better BBQing!"

Congratulations to Darryl Strickland & the Lang Competition Team

For coming in #1 in points, #1 in loin, #1 in ribs, #1 in pork, and being named the Georgia BBQ Association Team of the Year 2019-2020!