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Matt Lee

Smoke Rising BBQ Joint

Smoke Rising BBQ Joint

Owner and chef of BBQ Joint & Award Winning Competitor!

BIO: Matt Lee has been cooking on a smoker cooker for as long as he can remember ... literally. Since he was a young child he has been throwing wood on a fire and cooking something up.

Now he cooks on a 108 Lang BBQ Smoker, is the owner and operator of the Smoke Rising BBQ Joint in Blackshear, Georgia, and in his spare time competes with the 2016 Lang BBQ Competition Team.

Smoke Rising BBQ Joint

Where there is smoke rising you're sure to find Matt Lee

Matt and his family all love BBQ. As a restaurateur he has perfected cooking Fast & Hot on his smoker cooker! This has become a necessity for his business and has come in mighty handy during competitions!

Matt Lee and family owned and operated restaurant

Smoke Rising BBQ Joint - You'll find brisket, ribs, pulled pork and much more on the menu. They also cater office lunches. Don't be surprised if you bump into to some famous BBQ-ers, this is the kind of barbeque joint that chefs eat at.

Award Winning BBQ Competitor - In addition to winning countless awards as the Smoke Rising competition team he is also a member of the 2016-2017 Lang BBQ Competition Team!

Instructor at Q-School - In the summer of 2016 Matt was one of three instructors at smoker cooking classes hosted by Lang BBQ Smokers. Students loved learning about cooking Low & Slow on Lang smoker cooker but were thrilled when Matt showed them some Hot & Fast smoking techniques.

Lanb BBQ Competition Team


Georgia State BBQ Champion



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2020 US-84
Blackshear, GA 31516

The Smoke Rising BBQ Joint is only about 20 minutes from the Lang BBQ Smokers factory, so stop by for some BBQ on your way to pick up your new Lang smoker!

Thanks Matt Lee for instructing, competition, and for cooking on a Lang BBQ Smoker!