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Lynnae Oxley

Sugars Barbecue

Sugars Barbeque

Custom BBQ Catering in Portland, Oregon!

BIO: Lynnae Oxley is the owner and Head Pitmaster of this barbecue catering business in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by cooking with fire, Lynnae and her pitmasters cook with local sourced wood.

The catering menu of Sugar's Barbecue is ranges from chicken wings to a whole hog! If you don't see it on the menu, just ask and the pitmasters of Sugar's.

You might recognize her from her appearance on two seasons of Destination Americas "BBQ Pitmasters". Or you might have seen her if you attended one of the summer Q-School barbecue cooking classes hosted by Lang BBQ Smokers.

Lynnae was a contestant on two BBQ Pitmasters

Catering, Classes, and Competitions

Sugars Barbecue award winning BBQ catering business

Catering - Sugar's Barbeque offers what they call "Custom BBQ Catering"

Competitions - Retired from competitions but not forgotten! You might remember seeing Lynnae as a featured contestant on the BBQ Pitmasters television show with second place wins in the finals of two seasons!

Classes- Lynnae Oxley has been a guest instructor for Q-School in Hoboken, Georgia. Now Sugar's Barbeque offers BBQ classes in the Portland, OR area.


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BBQ catering and classes in Portland, Oregon.

Thanks Lynnae Oxley for cooking on a Lang!