Who's Cooking on a Lang?

SMOKE SIGNALS: A Message from the Lang BBQ Smokers®

Lang BBQ Smokers® is not only proud when we hear positive feedback from our clients, but we are also pleased to help build a community of people who enjoy cooking and sharing ideas. The fact that they invest time on a regular basis, sharing ideas and thoughts back and forth on our social media pages, is the proof of the pudding, as they say!

Those are the kinds of “fans” that really keep all of us at Lang encouraged and focused on building BBQ bridges between people. Nothing creates an atmosphere of friendliness like sharing ideas, recipes and of course the aroma coming from Lang BBQ Smokers®.

We’ve seen some great advice and tips come across the screen here, such as what woods to use to create certain flavors, what you need to know about controlling temperature, tricks that make for better cooking results and much more. With that said, we invite our client fans to send us photos and videos which we enjoy posting on our BLOG and social media sites. So, it’s time to get your camera cooking, and show us what’s cooking on your Lang Smoker today. Who knows, you may even become a star!

Celebs, Chefs, Competitors and Restaurateurs

This website “Who's Cooking on a Lang?” was created to provide a practical and useful platform to allow chefs, restaurateurs, and celebrities to share some of the unique experiences of. The intention is to have some fun and pick up a few great ideas you can use. By the way, when we say celebrities we usually mean a celebrity that is either incorporating their smoker cooker(s) into their celebrity life style or they are also restaurateurs.

In fact, we know of one celebrity that is doing both! Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band is one of them. He enjoys his smoker cooker personally but he’s also a restaurateur. His restaurant is the Zac Brown's Souther Ground Social Club in Senoia, Georgia. Just recently his road crew is part of a new cooking show Rusty's Rockfeast: Backstage with the Zac Brown Band.

Another celebrity that might seem unlikely to be on our smoker cooker site is the pro golfer, Davis Love III. Davis has a Lang BBQ Smoker (or two) and tweeted that it is the “Official smoker of DL3 BBQ team”!

Now here’s an interesting and encouraging note: Chefs have reported creating thriving businesses in this difficult economy. Is it obvious that we love to share videos of chefs that have used their Lang BBQ Smokers® to make a name for themselves? You can contribute to this.

If you know of a chef, celebrity, or restaurateur that has a video with their Lang BBQ Smoker and a story to tell ... would you let them know that we'd love to hear from them! Contact us!